Advantages of Alumina Hollow Ball Brick

2022-03-01 09:54:08

Alumina hollow ball brick is made of alumina hollow ball and alumina powder as the main raw material, combined with other binder, after 1750 degrees high temperature firing. Belongs to a kind of super high temperature material energy-saving heat preservation material.

Alumina hollow ball is a new type of high temperature heat insulation material, it is made of industrial alumina smelting and blowing in the electric furnace, crystal form is A-al2o3 micro crystal. Alumina hollow ball as the main body, can be made into various shapes of products, the highest use temperature 1800℃, products of high mechanical strength, for the general lightweight products several times, and volume density is only half of corundum products. It is widely used in high and ultra-high temperature kilns such as gasifier in petrochemical industry, carbon black industrial reaction furnace and induction furnace in metallurgical industry, and has achieved very satisfactory energy saving effect.

For reducing the weight of the furnace body, reforming the structure, saving materials and energy, it will achieve obvious results.

1, High temperature:
Can reach more than 1750 degrees, good thermal stability. Reburning wire change rate is small, longer use.

2, Optimize the structure, reduce the weight of the furnace body:
Now the normal firebricks with high temperature resistant materials are heavy brick volume density of 2.6-3.0g/cm, but alumina hollow ball brick only 1.1-1.5g /cm, so in the same cubic meter volume, the use of alumina hollow ball brick can reduce 1.1-1.9 tons of weight.

3, Save materials:
To achieve the same service temperature, such as the use of heavy brick price and alumina hollow ball brick price, but also need considerable insulation refractory. If the use of alumina hollow ball brick, per cubic meter can save 1.1-1.9 tons of heavy brick usage, but also can save 80% of fire insulation materials.

4, Energy saving:
Alumina hollow ball has obvious thermal insulation characteristics, low thermal conductivity, can play a very good thermal insulation effect, reduce heat emission, improve thermal efficiency, so as to save energy. The energy saving effect can reach more than 30%.
Alumina hollow ball and its products is a kind of high temperature resistance, excellent energy saving light refractory material, in a variety of atmospheres are very stable. Especially in 1800℃ high temperature furnace application. Hollow ball can be used for high temperature, super high temperature heat insulation filler, high temperature refractory concrete lightweight aggregate, high temperature castable, etc. Hollow ball brick can be used for high temperature energy saving (>30%) inverted flame kiln, shuttle kiln, molybdenum wire furnace, tungsten rod furnace, induction furnace, nitriding furnace, etc. For reducing the weight of the furnace body, reforming the structure, saving materials and energy, it will achieve obvious results.