Is slotted brick necessary for lining brick for rotary kiln?

2023-05-09 18:01:20

For the lining of rotary kiln, each lining ring is adjusted by slotted bricks, so there will be no brick casting in the rotation process of rotary kiln, and the service cycle is longer; If there is no slotted brick, the staggered joints in construction are not well adjusted. There will be reseam, opening, release, climbing, etc. So it is best to have slotted bricks for the lining of rotary kiln.


If you do not design the use of slot brick, the final lock seam to cut the brick, if it is high aluminum series brick easy to cut, but magnesium series of firebrick can not see water, difficult to cut, which causes unnecessary trouble. The brick with lock seam will be firmly locked, without sagging or emptying phenomenon, to ensure that the lining body of firebrick and kiln body run on the same axis.


Especially in masonry, the top of the brick lining should be considerate and close to the cylinder, and the adjacent single brick surface should be firmly contacted. If the firebrick is to be processed, it should not be less than 50% of the length and 80% of the thickness of the original brick. Refractory mud to ensure that the fire brick joints compacted, brick joints using protoplasm to fill tightly; Unable to correct the parts use refractory mud leveling.


Especially during construction, the thickness of refractory mud is evenly daubed with 1mm. Remember that when each ring of refractory brick ends, the last 15-20 bricks are not coated with refractory mud to increase the tightness between refractory brick and refractory brick. During construction, the thickness of the brick steel plate is 1-2mm. The steel plate shall not exceed the edge of the firebrick. It shall not be empty or bridge, and only one steel plate is allowed in each joint.


The lock brick is in the position of the last 5-6 bricks and is locked with the two slotted bricks and the main brick. The adjacent ring slotting bricks should be staggered 1-2 bricks, and the end ring should lock the bricks 1-2 rings in advance.


Use lock bricks, the number of each ring is not more than 4, must use the original brick to lock bricks, lock bricks can not be used next to each other, slot brick with no more than four iron plates, should be evenly distributed in the whole lock brick area, it is prohibited to use iron plates next to each other.


If the old brick is used at the same time, the new brick adjacent to the old brick shall not be processed, the connection distance shall be greater than 198mm, the processing brick less than 198mm can be used, the length of the processing brick shall not be less than 100mm, the cutting error of the processing brick shall not be more than 2mm, the processing brick must be placed on the penultimate and third brick rings, the second and third brick rings must be staggered.


Therefore, the lining of the rotary kiln must use the slotted brick, so that the lock is tight and the service cycle is longer.