Light weight acid-proof castable use for chimney lining

2024-01-09 16:45:25

The chimney lining is made of light weight acid-resistant castable, which has strong air tightness, and does not require light and heavy layers. The two-layer material construction reduces the thickness of the lining and improves the thermal insulation performance.


The traditional chimney lining selection of materials, under normal circumstances with acid-resistant brick and acid-resistant mortar masonry, and thermal insulation castable as insulation layer. However, the air tightness of masonry is not good because of the uneven vertical ash joints of acid-resistant masonry bricks. The insulation may also corrode the outer wall. In addition, the combination between acid-resistant bricks and bricks is not tight, which will also cause corrosive smoke to penetrate the masonry, and the double-layer masonry construction of thermal insulation castable and lined brick will also bring great inconvenience to the construction of the chimney.


If the chimney lining is made of light weight acid resistant castable, the heat insulation castable is combined with the acid resistant brick double lining layer. The acid-resistant castable with strong corrosion resistance, good heat insulation and high strength combined with light cement is used to make a mixed acid-resistant castable lining by casting, so that the heat insulation and anti-corrosion properties can achieve the use effect.


The light weight acid-resistant castable is composed of expanded rock particles, floating beads, adhesive and curing agent, the binder is sodium silicate or potassium silicate solution, the curing agent is ammonium phosphate, and then the acid-resistant castable is stirred into a semi-lightweight component with a specific gravity of 1.5 body dense. During the construction, the lightweight acid-resistant castable is poured into the template for vibration molding, and the initial setting and stripping are dried naturally. It has good resistance to sulfuric acid corrosion and can meet the requirements of chimney acid resistant lining.


The cementing agent used in the light weight acid-resistant castable is stable while the compressive strength is not reduced, and a small amount of volumetric expansion reactants are generated in the material to fill the tiny pores, which improves the compactness of the castable and makes the chimney liner more integrated with air tightness.