The difference between high alumina brick and anti – spalling high alumina brick

2023-05-26 09:27:19

High alumina brick and anti-spalling high alumina brick compared, anti-spalling high alumina brick is made of high bauxite and zircon as raw materials, high strength, chemical corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity. And high alumina brick is made of high bauxite as raw material, chemical corrosion resistance is not as good as anti-spalling high alumina brick, mainly anti-spalling high alumina brick than high alumina brick thermal shock stability.


High alumina brick has strong resistance to spalling, corrosion resistance to potassium, sodium, sulfur, chlorine and alkaline salt, low thermal conductivity and other properties. It is an ideal material for cement kiln transition zone and decomposition zone. Its remarkable characteristics are good heat resistance and shock resistance and strong ability to adapt to the environment. It is mainly used in rotary preheater or calciner and grate cooler.


There is also a difference in the firing temperature between high-alumina brick and anti-spalling high-alumina brick. The high temperature firing temperature of high-alumina brick is 30-50℃ higher than that of high-alumina brick. The thermal conductivity of high-alumina brick is lower than that of high-alumina brick, and the load softening temperature is higher. However, the high alumina brick can not enter the large cement rotary dry kiln, because the service life is too low, repair, stop kiln frequently form considerable energy loss and economic loss. More importantly, it can not overcome the inherent shortcomings of use in harsh parts.


The refractoriness of high alumina firebrick is mainly affected by the content of Al2O3, and the refractoriness increases with the increase of the content of Al2O3. High aluminum brick is close to neutral refractory material, can resist the erosion of acidic slag and alkaline slag, because it contains SiO2, so the ability of alkali slag resistance than acid slag ability than high aluminum brick spalling is weaker. High alumina brick is mainly used in the lining of blast furnace, hot blast furnace, electric furnace top, blast furnace, reflector furnace and rotary kiln.


In addition, high alumina brick is also widely used as open furnace regenerative lattice brick, plug head for gating system, water brick and so on. In short, whether the use of spalling high alumina brick or high alumina refractory brick, according to the furnace erosion situation and temperature.