What kind of furnace lining is suitable to use phosphate brick?

2023-12-15 11:18:13

Phosphate brick is most suitable for use in white ash kiln, zinc kiln lining, can be used for high temperature zone and transition zone. If it is a white-ash rotary kiln, the entire kiln lining can use phosphate bricks, but it is the use of high density bricks in the high temperature zone, and the use of low density bricks in the transition zone.


Phosphate brick is bonded with phosphoric acid solution, belongs to the low-temperature chemical bonding refractory brick, the use of raw materials are bauxite clinker and phosphoric acid, through the trapped material, and then the use of press, high pressure molding, 550℃-600℃ low temperature sintering.


Phosphate refractory brick has good wear resistance, can be divided into wear-resistant brick, composite brick and other different body dense products, phosphate brick after several product upgrades, from the traditional chemical bonded phosphate brick, upgraded to the compound chemical bonded brick, the traditional product is the load softening temperature is low, reburning shrinkage. According to the actual use, some manufacturers add a certain proportion of silicon carbide in the raw material to make the phosphate brick more wear resistant, and the load softening temperature is high and corrosion resistance. It is even combined with lightweight materials to make thermal insulation and use one of the firebricks, so that the kiln lining temperature is slow, the shell temperature is low, and the service life of the kiln shell is extended at the same time, but also save fuel and reduce production costs.


Phosphate refractory brick on the basis of continuous optimization, there are high-load soft brick, corundum mullite brick, phosphate and light material composite brick on the market today, silicon corundum brick is based on the actual use of new process composite brick suitable for kiln use, in order to meet the white ash industry, zinc smelting industry different needs of furnace lining.


The use of phosphate bricks is not as large as the use of high-aluminum bricks, but it is a rare ideal material for use in white ash and zinc smelting kiln lining, because the atmosphere of phosphate bricks is close to that of white ash lining, and the white ash activity is good. The zinc smelting industry uses phosphate bricks, which have good wear resistance and strong slag erosion resistance.