How to judge the quality of refractory mortar

2022-05-09 16:57:30

The quality of refractory mortar, not only judging from the index. In the field construction has good construction performance, after baking enough strength and erosion resistance, is to judge the real quality of refractory mortar.


Refractory mortar and refractory brick, refractory castable is the same as the application of materials, not only to see the laboratory results or indicators, indicators are certain reference, but in the use and construction of the spread, is the most important. Refractory mortar in construction, are daub with spatula on the surface of firebrick of different materials, brick joints between firebrick, prevent slag erosion through brick joints into the interior of firebrick. Affect the service life of firebrick.


Usually, fire-resistant mortar in the production of finished, fire-resistant mortar manufacturers, will do a small test, is to use two pieces of standard brick refractory mortar on intermediate daub, surface rub moves back and forth until can’t rub moves, adhesive, the longer this batch of refractory mortar spreadability is better, if you rub moves back and forth two condensation, this batch of refractory slurry wouldn’t have to use, Because in the field construction personnel will not have time to operate, mortar has lost liquidity, it is impossible to carry out construction operations. If the number of rubbing is more than a dozen times, it means that this batch of mortar in the construction of the operation is not a problem.


Either high alumina refractory mortar or clay mortar can use this method. The rubbing test can also be carried out on the surface of two silica bricks if it is a silica mortar. Dry mortar, however, cannot be used in this way. Under normal circumstances, it is the same material of refractory bricks with the same material of refractory mortar.


If only from the aluminum content and indicators to determine the quality of refractory mortar, it is not absolute, sometimes the higher the aluminum content of mortar, but the site construction effect is not good, the reason is to consider the aluminum content alone, adding too little clay binder, mortar in the field construction no liquidity, can not be used.


Therefore, the quality of refractory mortar must have good construction performance, the strength after baking is the most important.