What refractory products is good for the water wall of the EAF settlement chamber

2022-04-24 09:38:09

Castable is not suitable for the water wall of the settlement chamber. Had better choose fire – resistant plastic or fire – resistant daub. Because the steel furnace flue gas from the settlement chamber water wall, due to uneven erosion and wear of flue gas at 1300℃, the lining material should be eroded by acid gas. And the wear and tear of the equipment wall and the airflow will collide fiercely against the inner wall.


Therefore, the water wall material of the settlement chamber must be wear-resistant and resistant to flue gas erosion. However, the lining thickness of this part should not exceed 30mm thick, and there are certain restrictions on the selection of castable. It is not scientific to choose castable for the water wall of settlement chamber due to the limitation of lining thickness.


If the lining thickness of refractory castable is not good, and if use the spray coating, then the wear resistance of spray coating is limited by particles and there is a certain gap between the castable, it is necessary to choose refractory plastic and refractory coating. Because the thickness of lining is more suitable for these two kinds of materials, in addition, refractory plastic and refractory daub particles can join large particles, more wear-resisting, scouring resistance.


If refractory coating is used, use a mixture of anchors and tortoise shell mesh, and hang tortoise shell mesh with 8-9 anchors per square. Such construction thickness does not increase, the use effect of lining material wear-resisting and service life in more than two years.


If use refractory plastic materials, it can be pounded into any shape on site. And do with anchorage to wear treatment, anchorage bending lengthened to increase wear resistance coefficient, so that the service life will be more than two years.


Refractory plastics have strong plastic properties, good on-site construction, and the baking conditions will be easier to operate than refractory castable, refractory coating is convenient for on-site construction, and because of the particle boundary point is larger, more wear-resistant, more resistant to smoke scouring, so in line with the use thickness of lining.


In short, refractory plastic and refractory coating can be used in the water wall part of the settlement chamber, but the combination of anchorage and tortoise shell mesh or improve the special treatment of anchorage. If the lining thickness is more than 100mm, you can also choose to use refractory castable, but due to the thickness of the limitation, so choose to use plastic or coating.