Selection of inner lining refractory materials for different rotary kilns

2022-12-05 10:59:44

The rotary kiln is a steel cylinder lined with firebrick or castable. The most calcined products are in rotary kiln used in cement industry. In aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten, chromium and other metal rotary kiln has also been used. There are calcined lime and calcined magnesia, alumina spinel, bauxite, hard clay, rare earth, ceramite, incineration waste and other calcined materials of different rotary kilns, the firing temperature is also different, the highest temperature is 2000℃, the lowest is about 1000℃.

The working principle of rotary kiln is the same, all are rotary kiln, kiln tail, kiln head, pre-tropical zone, firing belt, cooling belt, because of the rolling impact, friction, erosion of the burned materials, the selection of refractory materials are also different.

The lining of cement kiln is made of magnesia-alumina spinel brick, magnesia-iron alumina spinel brick and magnesia-alumina spinel brick. The lining of lime and dolomite kiln is made of phosphate brick, phosphate composite brick and magnesia aluminum spinel firebrick. There are also castable and prefabricated firebrick combination methods, and all castable casting methods as lining. The pellet rotary kiln uses high-aluminum brick or low-porosity firebrick, which can also be lined with castable. It can also use prefabricated firebrick and castable combination lining. In general, this method is used only after several kilns.

Zinc oxide kiln erosion is serious, frequent replacement, silicon corundum brick, that is, phosphate added to corundum and silicon carbide composite brick and clay refractory brick, a few manufacturers choose explosion-proof fiber wear-resistant castable and prefabricated brick, with anchor parts fixed, in the high temperature zone use effect is good.

Alumina rotary kiln or alkali sulfide rotary selection of anti-spalling high aluminum brick, the use effect is better; For burning petroleum coke, the combination of prefabricated composite brick with anchor nail and castable can also be used for lining. Chrome corundum brick or corundum mullite refractory brick is used as the lining of waste kiln which erodes refractory materials seriously. Castable masonry is lined with chrome corundum castable or corundum mullite castable.

Laterite nickel kiln, rotary kiln direct reduction production process of nickel iron, the use of microporous magnesium-aluminum-zirconium brick firebrick, the use effect is obvious.