What kind of castable is used to resist erosion and slag

2022-10-14 10:32:05

Chromium corundum castable is preferred for castable with strong slag resistance and erosion resistance. Because it has the advantages of high refractoriness, strength and hardness, especially the corrosion resistance of molten salt and slag is strong.


With the development of industry, the types of hazardous wastes are increasing, especially medical wastes and wastes, which do great harm to human health and environmental protection. With the increasing number of dangers, these waste incineration treatment conditions are harsh, because of the diversity of nature, acid and alkali degree of mixing, and strong erosion, so the treatment of these dangerous waste furnaces also increased. These furnace lining materials for handling hazardous waste are also quite demanding. Because resistant material basically has acid, alkali atmosphere, but dangerous waste is the superposition of both, all kinds of components, shapes. To the lining material increased not small difficulty.


The corrosion resistance of the neutral castable can not adapt, the acid resistant castable can not resist alkaline erosion, and the alkali resistant castable can not resist acid erosion. Chromium corundum castable is the only material with strong resistance to erosion and slag. Chrome corundum castable is made of fused chrome corundum, white corundum, powder and alumina powder with phosphate as binder. The addition of industrial chromium oxide ultrafine powder increases fluidity and low temperature strength. The crystal structure of cr corundum castable can form infinite solid solution at high temperature, and the linear expansion coefficient is small. The solid solution grain size increases, and the slag resistance and erosion resistance are strong.



Because of the larger lattice energy and more stable structure, it is difficult to sinter the castable. When the chromium oxide ultrafine powder is added, it forms a continuous solid solution with a vacancy type and a finite solid solution with mullite, and forms a glass phase with high viscosity containing chromium with impurities. In this way, the lattice of corundum is deformed and activated, the diffusion rate is increased, and the continuous sintering between corundum and powder is promoted, so the strength of chrome steel castable is high, slag resistance and erosion resistance is very strong.


However, due to the public hazard of chromium, it can only be added in a small amount for regulating performance. Excessive addition will not only harm human body, but also affect the performance of the chromium corundum castable.