What kind of refractory castable is used for furnace lining at 1300℃

2024-02-22 16:15:54

What kind of refractory castable is suitable for the 1300℃ furnace lining? it is based on the different lining atmosphere of different furnace types, no matter what material is selected, the ultimate purpose is to save energy and reduce consumption, to achieve the use effect and long service cycle.


Before choosing, we must firstly consider the fuel used by the furnace, the raw material medium of the fired product, and the corrosiveness degree and nature of the raw material composition, is it acidic or alkaline? In addition, there are external factors to consider the furnace type, whether there is wind speed, mechanical stress caused by erosion wear, and then the combustion mode.


The furnace temperature of 1300℃ is the direct contact temperature of the flame, not the fire resistance temperature, the definition of the fire resistance and the use of temperature is very important, under normal circumstances, the selection of high aluminum castable can be 1300℃ furnace temperature, the current use of high aluminum castable are basically using low cement class, but if the erosion is serious, it is necessary to according to the nature of erosion, Choose acid or alkaline material that is resistant to erosion. If it is acid erosion, can choose water glass binder or phosphate bonded castable, if it is alkaline erosion can choose high abrasive resistance and magnesium castable, high abrasive resistance plus silicon carbide, can resist erosion and wear. The selection of magnesium material should pay attention to the water and wind pressure of the furnace lining.


After selecting and using high aluminum castable, the construction process is also very important, because the selected high aluminum castable is also divided into different quality levels, if the early condensation is too fast, it may be unreasonable control ratio of binder and micro-powder, if the amount of cement is too large, not only the problem of fast condensation, but also lead to the late strength of high aluminum castable will be affected.


If the high aluminum castable condenses too slowly, the construction temperature should be considered, and the amount of water should be controlled when adding water. When the temperature is low, the drinking water should be heated to 30℃, and the material should be mixed and stirred before use. If it sets in 40 minutes. Then baking in accordance with a reasonable baking system can fully ensure the service life of high aluminum castable.