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Technical characteristics of refractory castables

July 02, 2021

Refractory castable is a kind of amorphous refractory which is widely produced and used at present. Mainly used to build a variety of heating furnace lining and other integral structures. Certain quality varieties can also be used in smelting furnaces. For example, aluminate cement refractory castables can be widely used in all kinds of heating furnaces and other thermal equipment without slag and acid and alkali erosion. In the erosion of molten iron, molten steel and slag and the working temperature is higher, such as the steel tank, full steel barrel, blast furnace body, iron ditch, etc., can be used by low calcium and pure high alumina cement combination of high alumina and sintered quality of granular and powdery material made of good alumina. For another example, phosphate refractory castable can be widely used in heating furnaces and soaking furnaces for heating metals, as well as in coke furnaces and cement kilns where the material is directly in contact with it. In some parts of metallurgical furnaces and other vessels which are in direct contact with slag and molten metal, the use of high quality phosphate refractory castables can also be used to repair them.


It is more suitable to use phosphate refractory castable in some parts where the working temperature is not very high and the wear resistance is high. If rigid jade refractory material is made into refractory castable, it is generally better to use it in reducing atmosphere.


As the lining of thermal equipment and furnace body, generally should be baked before the first use, in order to make the physical water and crystal water gradually eliminated, to a certain degree of sintering, so that its volume and some properties to reach the use of stable state. The baking system has a great effect on the service life. The basic principle of baking system should be that the heating rate and the possible dehydration and other phase changes and deformation corresponding, in some temperature stages of rapid changes in the above mentioned, should be slowly heating or even heat preservation for a considerable time. If the baking is improper or without baking immediately and quickly put into use, it is easy to produce serious cracks, or even loose collapse, and even explosion may occur in the special thick parts.


In addition, refractory castables generally have higher normal temperature strength and can be made into prefabricated parts for installation in the rotary kiln site, such as continuous casting intermediate tank with refractory castable weir plate prefabricated parts installation. Refractious castables are mainly used in metallurgical industry kilns, and are also widely used in petroleum, chemical, building materials, electric power and mechanical industry kilns and thermal equipment.


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