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Spraying technology and application of refractory fiber

July 29, 2021

1.1 Refractory fiber spraying technology

Refractory fiber spraying technology belongs to a new process technology in the mechanization of fiber construction. Specifically, it is the use of special fiber spraying machine to complete the pre-treated loose fiber cotton and send it out of the spray gun under high pressure. In addition, the binder is uniformly sprayed into the fiber stream through a spray gun using a dedicated pump. The two are mixed together, directly sprayed on various working surfaces, so as to form a THREE-DIMENSIONAL network product structure, very uniform and firm, smooth adhesion in the working face. In the process of formal construction, combined with the specific working environment and the corresponding thickness of the fiber coating layer, the application of the corresponding stud welding anchor, fiber spray coating can effectively make up for the construction defects of the fiber products, in order to improve the comprehensive performance of the fiber products, make it updated.


1.2 Effective application of fiber spraying technology

China had in 1981, the aluminum silicate fiber was the focus of the promotion, so the use of refractory fiber materials, there is a very large speed of development, because the fiber furnace lining capacity is very light, heat capacity is relatively small, so the thermal conductivity is relatively low. After completion of the construction, there is no need for the oven, the heating furnace can be directly put into use. Related practice has proved that the application life of fiber lining is very short due to the construction technology of fiber secondary felt, and the maintenance workload is very frequent. The specific defects include:


First, in the process of product installation, manual labor intensity is relatively large, and a lot of manpower should be invested, the construction speed is relatively slow, the quality is difficult to be guaranteed, and the construction environment is relatively bad.

Second, there is a joint between the fiber products unit, in the face of temperature change, will produce a large thermal shrinkage, so the overall effect is not ideal, the sealing and heat insulation performance is not strong, easy to happen channing;

Thirdly, anchoring can not be used for special-shaped surface and special-shaped structure. Dew-point corrosion will cause damage to the anchoring parts, and the fiber felt and fiber block will fall off.

Fourth, the product in the actual construction process, the density of compression installation and design requirements will not meet the problem;

Fifth, if there is local damage, the overall strength of the anchorage will be reduced, and there will be some difficulties in the subsequent repair work.


Fiber spraying with high quality fiber raw cotton, high performance fiber system organic binder as the corresponding raw materials, the mechanization of construction has brought feasibility. In addition to the fiber felt, fiber blanket, folding block and other corresponding commonness, the fiber spraying overall does not have any seams, special-shaped surface is easy to construct, and the progress is faster, and the quality is superior. These characteristics and advantages are not conventional fiber products installed furnace lining, but also can not be replaced. The fiber spraying technology provides perfect fire resistance and heat preservation performance for the development of metallurgical engineering thermal equipment, and the heat insulation protection technology is also very ideal.

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